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Every dollar I saved would get me closer to my dream

(We are reposting from the OnUp Suntrust site with permission from Yeny.If you want to read the original article, please click here) As a college student studying finance in Colombia, Yeny Malaver, now 37, faced a grim reality: Even once she completed her degree, a career might always be out of reach. “I didn’t have any connections, and in Colombia

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Trial by Fire, a Latina Leading The Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation

(This post was written by Shirley Anne Smith, Founding Director of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation.  May 4th is International Firefighters Day) I never thought it would easy but I always thought it would be worth it. My entire life, I have dedicated myself to servant leadership. I dedicated my life to nonprofits way before I even realized the magnitude

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Soy Felicita / I am Felicita

Name: Felicita Pineda Artist name: Felicita I was born in Palms Springs, California to Guatemalan parents. At the time, I lived with my 3 older brothers and both parents. At the age of 2, my parents moved to Atlanta, GA because of new job opportunities due to the Olympics. At that time, my younger brother was born. When I turned

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Call Out Yourself and Paddle like Hell. We need you.

It is an new reality we are living in these days. We have gone from discussing  the potential expansion of Medicaid to better serve Georgians and the inspiring and positive conversation of meeting the first (ever) Latina, openly gay and Muslim candidates for office in the state, to answering calls from fearful parents wondering if sending their kids to school is

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