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In The Valley I Will Lift My Eyes To Those Of You Who CHOSE To See Us There

Over 700,000 DACA recipients across the country are anxiously awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court upholding -or not- the Trump Administration decision to terminate the program. Today, we are featuring a blog post by a DACAmented colleague in an effort to center on the voices of those directly affected by this decision. (Reposted with permission from Jennifer Zenteno’s blog.

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We Need More People to Care About South Georgia

It was a beautiful morning and after a 4 hour drive and a 15 minute presentation at the South Georgia NonProfit Network Conference on 2020 Census, I drove to Tifton to meet with students from the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) and talk about Hispanic Heritage Month and the work our team at the Latino Community Fund does trying to

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Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month in Georgia

While National Hispanic Heritage Month officially started on September 15th, already thousands of Latinx/Hispanics in Georgia have shared their love for their culture, traditions and community in one or more of the many celebrations our member and partner organizations have led in the state. Whereas is art(stop by Plaza Las Americas in Gwinnett and vote for your favorite mural!), Latin American cuisine (we are still

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Gabriela Batista: Rising Up to Amplify Latinx Voices

At 25, Gabriela Batista-Vargas is currently a first-year law student at Georgia State University who hopes that her J.D. will allow her to resolve socioeconomic injustice along ethnic divides. She was born in Puerto Rico, lived in Orlando as a child, and spent her adolescence in Georgia. Upon moving to Georgia, she found that her school and community were less

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There is no crisis threating America related to border control or immigration. 

Families and individuals have been moving cities, towns, countries since the beginning of times. Migration is not new, is something we all do or have done looking for better opportunities, sometimes survival. Our immigration system needs serious reform and in the last two years, policies like DACA repeal, Family Separation and shutting down asylum claims at the border, have created

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