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2020 Census Data Release. Georgia is More Diverse than Ever.

The 2020 Census Data Release today, confirmed that Georgia, like America, is more diverse than ever. Georgia ranks 9th across the nation in the US Census Bureau Diversity Index defined as the probability of two people chosen randomly been of different race or ethnicity groups. Georgia’s index is 64%. The United States has an index of 61%. The US Census

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UndocuBusiness Grants

Economic recovery strategies have historically left behind Black and Brown folxs, immigrants and Limited English proficient communities. As an organization, we are committed to ensure that ALL communities receive investments so they can continue feeding their families and keeping a roof over their head.

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On SCOTUS DACA Decision and the Hate-Crimes Bill

U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals You can learn more about DACA and who qualifies HERE. Hate-Crime Bill in Georgia – Where we stand Crimes against people based on race, ethnicity, and identity are abhorrent.  The world has suffered through countless tragedies inflicted on a people because of who they are.  Despite having come out of

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In The Valley I Will Lift My Eyes To Those Of You Who CHOSE To See Us There

Over 700,000 DACA recipients across the country are anxiously awaiting the decision from the Supreme Court upholding -or not- the Trump Administration decision to terminate the program. Today, we are featuring a blog post by a DACAmented colleague in an effort to center on the voices of those directly affected by this decision. (Reposted with permission from Jennifer Zenteno’s blog.

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