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Hispanic Heritage Month: America Gruner

Celebrating our heritage is a year-round commitment. During Hispanic Heritage Month, LCF likes to doubly emphasize the work being undertaken that benefits our local community here in Georgia. America Gruner founded the Coalicion de Lideres Latinos (CLILA) without any outside funds or employees; her goal was to help Latinx in her community in North West Georgia. At the time, the

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Gabriela Batista: Rising Up to Amplify Latinx Voices

At 25, Gabriela Batista-Vargas is currently a first-year law student at Georgia State University who hopes that her J.D. will allow her to resolve socioeconomic injustice along ethnic divides. She was born in Puerto Rico, lived in Orlando as a child, and spent her adolescence in Georgia. Upon moving to Georgia, she found that her school and community were less

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Coalition of Latino Leaders in Dalton, it is Time to Support Grassroots Leadership

Twelve years ago, América Gruner struggled along friends and neighbors to have elected officials and leaders listen to their requests in Dalton, Georgia. The demand for workers that existed during the 1980s economic boom, that lead carpet mills to aggressively recruit Latino workers had slowed down and while it was clear that in a few years, the majority of students

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Latinos for Democracy #EstamosAqui

The Hispanic Federation and Latino Community Fund of Georgia have announced the launch of a non-partisan, statewide Latino voter registration and mobilization initiative in Georgia.  The “Latinos for Democracy” Initiative focuses on registering Hispanic eligible voters for the November mid-term elections and encouraging existing Latino voters to participate in this year’s elections.   The coordinated campaign will include door-to-door canvassing,

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