On SCOTUS DACA Decision and the Hate-Crimes Bill

U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

You can learn more about DACA and who qualifies HERE.

Hate-Crime Bill in Georgia – Where we stand

Crimes against people based on race, ethnicity, and identity are abhorrent.  The world has suffered through countless tragedies inflicted on a people because of who they are.  Despite having come out of slavery, reconstruction, and Jim Crow, recent incidents cleary show that our nation has not shed off racism and bigotry.

The Latino Community Fund Georgia joins other local and national community organizations, advocates and individuals striving for a country in which no one becomes a victim of hate and ignorance because of the color of their skin, their identity, or whom they love. A country where justice is appropriately served and administered.

Hate crimes bills are a necessary step forward towards this vision.  Hate crimes bills exist throughout the United States with the exception of four states, Georgia among them. 

Hate crime bills serve to curtail prejudicial criminality through necessarily harsher punishment against racially and identiy motivated crimes.  LCF Georgia believes that if decency and civility are not enough to keep individuals from committing crimes of hate, then the threat and implementation of legal repercussions should serve to minimize such behavior and sequester those hateful individuals from society.

LCF Georgia also recognizes that a hate crime bill is just one piece of what needs to be doneSuch legislation will not solve a centuries-long problem, but it is a step in the right direction; it will be one piece of larger reforms and initiatives, including repealing “Stand your Ground” and “Citizen’s Arrest” laws.

We stand with individuals and organizations tackling the issue head-on.  Organizations and community leaders, such as the NAACP and other people of color and Black-led organizations, have been working at moving the needle in a comprehensive way for decades. 

These groups have been leading these important efforts for their communities, our communities, precisely those deeply affected by systemic racism; their voices and knowledge is very much needed as we move forward.

The Latino Community Fund Georgia calls on all to support legislation and initiatives to make our country a better place for all. To create a future in which no parent has to live in fear of a child being killed due to senseless violence and racism.

Each person deserves respect and dignity regardless of their race, color, identity or whom they love.  Each of us must step up, speak out and must ensure our political leaders are seeking real and comprehensive solutions that condemn racism and bigotry wherever we encounter it.  

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