El Refugio Launches a Program for Immigrants and Asylum Seekers

Member organization “El Refugio” is launching a new program assisting immigrants and asylum-seekers released from Stewart Detention Center in getting to the next step in their journey.

The program is in collaboration and partnership with a number of organizations and volunteers that have been assisting in an ad-hoc basis like “Paz Amigos” in Columbus, GA.  This program is an effort to alleviate the stress and chaos immigrants and asylum-seekers face when released from the detention center, often times late at night, with nothing, and long after bus stations have closed.

The Post-Release Program will offer assistance from the moment immigrants and asylum-seekers are released on bond, on parole, or because they won their case. They will be able to stay at a “El Refugio” hospitality house while making travel arrangements and / or wait there to be picked up. The program will also consider transportation to Columbus the following morning to catch a Greyhound bus or airport shuttle. El Refugio will provide meals, as well as items such as a backpack, clothing, hygiene supplies, and a pre-paid phone.

To manage the program, El Refugio is hiring a full-time Post-Release Program Coordinator who will be based in Lumpkin. This new staff member will also open the hospitality house during the week to host families visiting their loved ones and attending court hearings. The job description may be found here: https://bit.ly/30nGS2w.

El Refugio is able to run this program with partial support of the Delivering on the Dream – Georgia initiative, seeking to build capacity, increase civic participation and expand legal protections to immigrants.


Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 08.44.25.png

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