The 2020 Census is Critical to All Communities in the Country

Earlier today, media outlets reported that a number of jurors at the US Supreme Court seemed ready to allow the Trump administration to add a question on citizenship to the 2020 census.

The Latino Community Fund joins hundreds of nonprofit and philanthropic partners in standing firm against the inclusion of the citizenship question in the US Census.

Simply put, there is no other issue before the US Supreme Court that will have a more direct impact and consequences for the nation at large and in particular for the Latinx and immigrant communities in Georgia.

Over US$1,260 come to Georgia from the Federal Government for every individual residing in the state. On the line are millions of dollars that fund not only general infrastructure but also unique programs like special education, ESOL and meals ins schools so our children have the opportunity to learn and not go hungry.

The decennial census is also the foundation of our democracy, deciding and influencing direct represention from our neighborhood, district but also in Washington D.C.

At a time where there is great distrust not only in the government but also in a number of institutions, the citizenship question will “depress participation” as noted by the Solicitor General and may lead to unreliable answers that will greatly limit essential data for decision makers across the country, from the highest office to the small bodega using census information to set up their business where high-density Latinos live.

The Latino Community Fund is dedicated and committed to speaking not against the administration but rather in favor of a complete count for our community and ALL communities in the state and the country at large.

Equal opportunities for representation, appropriations and investments can only happen if we are all counted.

The Latino Community Fund (LCF Georgia) is Co-Chairing the Georgia Latino Complete Count Committee with GALEO. If you are interested in learning about “Hard-to-Count” communities, please visit our Spanish website

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