“In the Beginning, God Said Let, and the Rest is Just Spectacle.” The Literary Debut of Sam Zamarripa

When Sam Zamarripa co-founded the “The Essential Economy Council”, a nonprofit dedicated to provide credible, local research and data on the economic value of a segment of workers that perform low-skilled, often manual yet essential work in Georgia; many of us were pleasantly surprised and energized at having Zamarripa’s cunning mind and voice in the public space, once again.

A few weeks ago, Sam Zamarripa surprised us yet again, revealing a new facet of his creative and articulated mind, with the debut of his first novel “The Spectacle of Let: The Oliet and The Obit” a weaving tale of voices, sounds and stories across countries, cultures and traditions sharing ancient wisdom, poetry and an engaging characters that are both fantastic and relatable to so many of us.

Zamarripa’s book is a distinctive and unique contribution to Latin American literature; as it brings a contemporary American voice and vision to a genre that merges real world settings with fantastical elements and stories that explore divinity, history, human connections, and posibilities.  Truly a nudge to the Latin American literary tradition of magical realism or what is best described by Cuban Alejo Carpentier as: “Lo real maravilloso”


“The Spectacle of Let: The Oliet and The Obit”,  the first book in a series; awakens our imagination not only from the prose and poetry but also from its cover, (created by Xavier Comas, a Spanish artist currently residing in Thailand) and a companion playlist available here.

Zamarripa’s book, made the Amazon top 20 in the first week of its release and it is successfully  making its rounds across the country, first at the  with great success at the Bipartisan Policy Center in D.C. (June 6) and the first scheduled reading in Georgia on June 21 at the Georgian Terrace, featuring Playwright Gabriel Fulton.  Other reading and signing events include reading at the Decatur Book Festival, Syracuse University and New College of Florida.

You can read more about the book here but your curiosity will be better served if you read it yourself.

Samuel Zamarripa is a business executive, entrepreneur and author.  Zamarripa was the first Hispanic elected to the State Senate of Georgia, serving two terms and representing the City of Atlanta. Zamarripa served as the Secretary of the State Economic Development Committee and member of the committees on Insurance, Science & Technology and Transportation. He has a long story of public service and committment with the Hispanic/Latino community in Georgia.

His first novel, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit was published by Floricanto Press, a premiere publisher of books committed to furthering Latino/Latina culture

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